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Terms & Conditions


We require a 20% holding fee on all bookings, full payment will be processed on the day of arrival. Bookings cancelled more than 2 day(s) before 21:00 on the day of check-in will incur a charge of 30% of the booking total. Bookings cancelled less than 2 days(s) before 21:00 on the day of check-in will incur a charge of 50% of the booking total.

If in the event we have to cancel your booking and could not offer any alternative accommodation we shall refund all monies to the respective party.

Arrival & Departure:

Check-in is after 3pm on the day of arrival and check-out at 11am on the day of departure.


We do not accept liability for damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.

Damages and Breakages:

Please report any breakages or damages in or around our property caused by you as soon as possible. Minor breakages will not be charged for. More significant damages or breakages will be invoiced accordingly before you leave. If left unreported a surcharge will be implemented on top of the repair or replacement cost which will be billed to you accordingly.


We clean and prepare our cottages for incoming guests, but we ask leaving guests to restore the cottage to the state they found it in. We will charge an extra cleaning fee if we find excess litter, dishes that have not been properly washed, moved furniture, stains in the carpet, and bin bags that have not been sorted as per our bin sorting policy.


We retain some of your data in digital form for future contact, this is in the form of an email and telephone number. If you would prefer us not to retain this, please let us know.

Lost Property:

Lost property will be kept until collection, or posted (With additional postage fee according to size and weight of the item) for ten days after you have been informed that we have found it. After ten days the item will be either disposed of or given to charity.


It is forbidden to smoke indoors anywhere on our premises. There are sheltered areas where smoking is permitted, please request an ashtray for this purpose. Cigarette butts found littered in any area other than the allocated ashtrays will incur a cleaning surcharge of £6.50.


Please do no litter on our premises. It endangers our farmyard animals, our local wildlife, and blemishes the natural beauty of our surrounds. Anyone caught repeatedly and purposefully littering will incur a £6.50 cleaning surcharge for every hour spent picking up litter over the course of the stay and billed appropriately.

In your cottage you will find four different types of bins for the disposal of waste, we ask you kindly to be attentive when discarding your holiday waste in compliance with our environmental policy here at Glynhir. 

You will find two types of main rubbish bins, one bin with a blue bag and a smaller one with a black bag. 

The blue bag bin is for recyclable products, these products will have an arrow stamp on the container to let you know that it can be recycled. Other items that can be recycled are most plastics except for ‘film plastic’.

The black bag bin is for non-recyclable waste. This is waste that will go on landfill, please inspect your packaging carefully to determine what items go into the black bag. Products with no arrow usually can’t be recycled but some degree of common sense is required as some products can be recycled but the manufacturer has not stamped their product. Food waste and compostable items do not go into this bag, please see below. 

To fit all your waste into these bags you can fold cardboard packaging and step on plastic bottles and aluminium cans to flatten them. We expect one full bag of both each blue and black per week. If you exceed this we have a recycling and rubbish plant around the corner (five minute drive away) and we ask you take your excess rubbish to the plant. Turn right out of Glynhir Estate, drive down Glynhir Rd until the end, then turn right and follow the road. The plant is on the righthand side. 

Important: Offensive hygiene waste such as soiled nappies should not be put into black landfill bags. We are currently registering for a nappy recycling service, until then these should be bagged separately and taken to our local waste disposal centre around the corner. This also applies to batteries, light globes and any electrical items. 

The compost caddy has a sign on it which tells you the sorts of things that can be put into the container. If you are staying for a longer number of days and want to empty it yourself, our muck heap is situated opposite the polytunnel and chicken run. Please empty the container on the muck heap which has the red rag tied to it. The other muck heaps have already composted. 

The large green kitchen waste caddy is for edible food waste only. This includes any kitchen scraps that DO NOT go into the compost caddy. The lid on the kitchen waste caddy seals shut tightly so will keep odours contained - once your caddy is full please leave it outside your cottage door and we will empty and return cleaned. 

We provide cardboard bottle holders for storage of empty bottles. Any broken bottles should be bagged up and placed with the holders.

Smokers please note: outside each cottage should be a butt disposal container with sand. If not please ask for one.

We are part of several environmental schemes and take our green policy quite seriously, as per our booking terms & conditions, if this policy is not adhered to we charge a bin sorting fee of £10 per bag


We have a diverse variety of animals @ Glynhir, please seek our advice when wanting to encounter up close any of our animals. Please also shut any gates you have passed through on our land. Use common sense when in the company of our animals; anyone found tormenting our animals in anyway will be asked to leave without reimbursement of their payment.


After 10pm please keep noise down to an appropriate level, not only as courtesy to other guests but also in respect to the wildlife.


It is forbidden to access any of our work sheds or out-buildings used for purposes other than holiday making.

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The Georgian mansion, the very comfortable mattresses and duvets, great breakfast, especially the scrambled eggs. The grounds and the orchard, pigs and peacocks. Just about everything really.

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